The training strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The perfect method to get rid

of unnecessary centimeters from the waist and hips.



A training with increased intensity of strengthening and endurance. We work on the whole body – arms, hips,

thighs, buttocks, as well as the back and abdominal muscles, which are involved in intensive work through

the effective set of training methods. The perfect form for people who are struggling with extra kilos.

Warning! Classes last 90 minutes, and the last 30 minutes are training of the abdominal muscles

only and stretching. We invite you on Saturdays at 9:00.



A comprehensive set of strengthening exercises, covering all muscle parts, additionally extended

by an intense workout that burns adipose tissue from the abdomen area. Concentration on these

muscles and a large number of repetitions guarantee quick results. Exercises with various accessories

(rubber, heavy ball, gymnastics balls, bosu, etc.), thanks to which training becomes more demanding

and effective.



Aerobic classes that burn fat with the use of the stepper, bosu, and dumbbells.

The perfect exercise for people who are struggling with extra kilos. Intense and dynamic training.



Innovative fitness form, very easy to learn by beginners, which is a combination of dance and classical aerobics.

It consists of simple dance steps, great combinations of movements and short choreographic fragments.

Hot Latin rhythms create an atmosphere of great fun. Zumba is a great cardio training, during

which we increase endurance, shape the figure, firm and sculpt the body, and above all we burn calories.

An hour of Zumba Fitness means 600 calories less!



We promote a healthy lifestyle for children through Zumbatomic® dance classes!

This workout is the maximum of fun and fitness at the same time!

It shapes movement coordination, develops creativity, at the same time working

on discipline and movement memory! Take care of your child’s activity!

We invite you on Thursdays at 17:00.



Hatha yoga is aimed at combining the body, mind, consciousness and soul into one entity,

which in turn leads to the knowledge of the nature of our own and of the world.

This is a class for anyone who wants to strengthen their physical condition,

have more energy and at the same time feel more concentrated and calm.

It makes the body flexible and strong. Ta the same time-relieving stress and relaxing.

Shapes a slim figure, develops flexibility, strength and endurance, awakens and raises our vitality,

cleanses and heals the body, de-stresses and improves well-being. An effective and versatile training.



It is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, including the harmonious cooperation of mind and body.

Classes involve making a series of movements in a smooth and controlled manner.

Their essence is stretching, tying and loosening muscles. This system is aimed at improving the flexibility,

strength, balance and awareness of your body. An effective way to have a flat stomach,

a stronger back and a slim figure.



This is a workout using barbells and having an endurance and strength character.

During the training, the exercises are performed with a charge such as squats,

squeezes or dead strings to the rhythm of the music. The aim of the class is to burn fat and work on musculature.

The workout perfectly firms and allows you to get a beautiful body sculpture.

Thanks to the fact that we adjust the weight to our abilities, everyone can participate in the classes,

regardless of the level of training.



An interval metabolic training, which in 4 minutes will stimulate your body to burn body fat.

During high and medium intensity exercises, your performance increases and boosts your metabolism.

Research shows that calories are burned up to 48 hours after a workout!



Are you dreaming of a six-pack, a beautiful slender belly like in the Bay Watch series?

You can work miracles in only 30 minutes. Short Class is a training based on strengthening

the abdominal muscles and lumbar spine. The exercises take place in standing and lying positions.

This training will not only carve the stomach, but also strengthen the deep muscles.



Exercises of a medium intensity. HIT excellently stimulates the process of fat burning as well

as builds muscle tissue. Each workout consists of a warm-up, activation and mobilization exercises.

Then we go to 15-20 minutes of the main training, which is a SURPRISE each day.

We finish each class with stretching. Hit Fit means training in a motivating group, good fun and great mood!